New breeding herd calculator for pig producers

08-11-2007 | |

In a press release yesterday, the British Pig Executive (BPEX) has announced that it has developed a new Breeding Herd Calculator to avert unexpected results arising from changes made within a pig unit.

Launched to complement the Feeding Herd Calculator, this new breeding calculator device will enable producers to estimate the effects of changes in sow productivity, feed and other costs on the net margin per weaner sold for growing and finishing.

Useful tool
Developed by Dr Pinder Gill, BPEX pig technical manager, it is a useful tool for example, at times when feed costs are high, to estimate reductions in losses through lower costs and improved sow productivity.

According to Gill, “it is an important management tool, indicating what will happen when changes are made and will assist the producer in finding the best solution while acknowledging market conditions.”

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