New animal plasma alternative launched

02-02-2009 | |

EW Nutrition has released Promote PR70 (PR), a complete replacement for animal plasma for all types of piglet diets. The product is a blend of natural ingredients that can replace entirely all functions of animal plasma. As known, plasma exerts its beneficial effects through its concentration in immunoglobulins.

PR has been fortified with a comparable source of immunoglobulins, designed specifically for young pigs, from hyper-immunised eggs. In addition, the immunoglobulins in PR have higher affinity and avidity than those in animal plasma, making PR thus even more effective, especially against pathogens causing diarrhoea in young pigs.

PR contains a proprietary blend of high-quality dairy and vegetable proteins treated specifically to attain a high level of digestibility, comparable to that of plasma. These proteins, which include whey protein, potato protein, wheat gluten, soy protein, and pea protein, also have their own functional properties contributing to enhanced gastrointestinal health as supported by numerous trials worldwide. Finally, PR is fortified with sodium and chloride to provided levels similar to those in animal plasma.

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