New agent for Topigs in Japan

17-12-2010 | |

Hinode Bussan has been appointed as agent for Topigs in Japan. This alliance between Topigs and Hindode Bussan will make Topigs genetics and technology available to the Japanese market.

The Topigs InGene program will also be used to assist Hinode Bussan’s customers with closed herd genetic programmes.
Modern, forward looking Japanese pig producers are aware of the need to reduce production costs by improving productivity while at the same time maintaining or even improving the premium quality of Japanese produced pork. This new agreement will contribute to this objective by connecting the Japanese pig industry to Topigs’ worldwide breeding programme that is supported by Topigs’ groundbreaking R&D programme.
Hinode Bussan is part of Aikeien Holding, whose core activity is integration of layer hens under the brand Crest. Aikeien is one of the top three egg producers in Japan. The company owns 4 million hens and produces more than 70,000 tonnes of eggs per year. Aikeien is also active in pig production, and with 2700 sows Aikeien produces 70,000 fatteners per year. With a production of 1,100,000 crossbred gilts and over 6 million doses of semen per year, the company is one of the biggest genetics suppliers in the world.