Netherlands imports hi-spec Topigs boars

27-01-2009 | |

On 25 December, Topigs and Varkens K.I. Nederland imported 124 boars from Canada. The boars originating from the Topigs nucleus breeding farm in Saskatchewan have the highest SPF status and belong to the absolute genetic top of the Topigs breeding stock.

The boars were imported from Canada via Luxemburg. The transport period, just before Christmas, was specifically chosen, as then hardly any fatteners are being transported to slaughterhouses. This minimises the risk of contact with pathogens during transport. The boars are currently under quarantine in Lienden (Gelderland) where they will be further reared and kept under veterinary surveillance.

Ninety-four of the 124 boars are from the Tempo line. These terminal boars will go to an SPF AI station of Varkens K.I. Nederland, which is also in Lienden. There they will be used for the production of sperm for the Dutch market.

The other boars are A line boars for sow breeding. After the quarantine period these animals will be transported to AIM Iberica, the Spanish sister company of Varkens K.I. Nederland. There they will be used to breed Topigs production sows in Spain.

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