Neogen acquires Rivard Instruments’ assets

05-12-2007 | |

Neogen Corporation, dedicated to the animal safety industry, has announced that it has acquired the assets of Rivard Instruments Inc.

The Canadian-based Rivard Instruments and Neogen’s subsidiary, Ideal Instruments Inc, both manufacture detectable veterinary hypodermic needles.

Previous lengthy litigation disputes between the two have now been settled through this acquisition.

Animal injections
Both Ideal Instruments and Rivard Instruments own patents protecting the manufacturing and marketing of detectable veterinary hypodermic needles which are designed to reduce breakage during animal injections.

The advantage of such needles is that if a needle were to break with the cannula remaining in an animal muscle, metal detectors in meat processing plants would locate it, whereas typical veterinary hypodermic needles are generally not detected.

Many producers, and especially those in the pork industry, have mandated use of these needles.

Both companies own patents or have patents pending in over 30 countries worldwide.

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