Nedap Agri supports change for pregnant sows

16-01-2008 | |

The large pork producers in the US and Canada have announced that they will stop with housing pregnant sows in feed cubicles. They are currently examining alternatives under American circumstances. The Dutch comapny, Nedap Agri has established itself in North-America to support the sector.

As of January this year, Gary Wyse, Tyler Standley, the commercial and technical sides of Nedap, along with Rene Weernink, who is responsible for the American market, will install their first feed management systems for pregnant sows.

The company considers thorough planning, efficient installation and on-hands service as being essential for the successful use of feed stations for pregnant sows.

In addition, Nedap has introduced a new steering system, Nedap Velos, for automation in the agrarian market, which will add to its products for the pig processing market.

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