Nanotechnology tackles swine waste odour

10-07-2009 | |

AgMito Enterprises has been assigned the US import agent for a new product that could solve pig and other animal waste odour issues.

Called Atovi™ Wonder Powder the animal feed premix has been used on farms outside the US since 2006 with documented success.
Atovi is a Philippines-invented product based on molecular alteration, nuclear reaction and nanotechnology. It is a feed premix powder made from vitamins and minerals.
Atovi corrects and maintains the digestive system properly. Through this, all nutritional and medication inputs are absorbed and utilised properly and efficiently.
Proof of this is the almost total absence of undigested proteins in the manure, the very low ammonia fumes, which produce the foul odours ending up into a non-pathogenic and organic faecal waste, and further decomposition is not needed.

“Controlling odour issues is just one by-product of Atovi: feed conversion is improved, saving the farmer money on feed, and test results have shown that cholesterol and fat levels are significantly reduced in pork and egg products. The ramification to the (animal) industry is astounding,” said Dennis Villanueva, Sr. VP and Marketing Director of AgMito
AgMito is currently working with the University of Florida to conduct further trials on their pig, dairy and fish farms, as well as with the University of Auburn to conduct similar trials on poultry.
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