MTech Systems is the worldwide leader in live protein software solutions.

28-03-2010 | |

MTech Systems is the worldwide leader in live protein software solutions. With systems for every area of production for both poultry and swine producers, MTech Systems provides a fully integrated system with the most comprehensive management, planning, live costing and traceability solutions available.


With the release of our newest .Net application and the ease of use and comprehensive functionality it provides, MTech is light years ahead of any current system available. The ability to capture and report on any desired data and cost through any stage of the process provides not only the flexibility to operate more efficiently but the traceability features and analysis for business optimization and comprehensive KPI analysis.

Live Farm Performance Analysis
• Breeder Farm
•©Hatchery Performance
•©Broiler Farm Performance
•©Feed Mill Performance
•©Sow Farm Performance
•©Nursery Performance
•©Grow Farm Performance


Live Production Cost Analysis
• Rearing/Laying Cost
• Hatchery Cost
• Growout Cost
• Feed Production Cost
• Sow Cost
• Gilt Cost
• Growout Cost
• Stud Cost

MTech System planning and logistical applications optimize time and man power. Because data throughout MTech is shared and readily available, desired scheduling output and maximized efficiency is simply a click away.


Scheduling and Logistics
• Breeder Placement and Production Plan
• Hatchery Utilization Plan
• Growout Placement and Kill Plan
• Animal Movements and Live Haul Scheduling
• Hatchery Transport Schedule
• Feed Mill Delivery Schedule