M&S under attack over meat labelling

26-03-2008 | |

Britain’s largest union, Unite, is staging protests in several countries against Marks and Spencer due to the lack of prominent country-of-origin labelling by the giant retailer.

Unite will stage protests in the UK, Ireland, South Korea, Romania, Poland and Bermuda.

It is reported that while their real concern is treatment and compensation of meat supply chain workers, Unite protested the fact that Marks and Spencer labels meat as British origin prominently on the front of the pack, but uses a small label on the side or back if the meat is from Brazil or Thailand.

In a survey, the union said 62% of respondents said that if they had known they were buying meat products from Thailand or Brazil, they would change their shopping preference to another retailer.

The union believes increasing meat imports are putting pressure on the conditions for low-paid UK workers in the meat supply chain.

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