More measures against CSF in Croatia

15-03-2007 | |

A selective nationwide ban on the transport of pigs has to stop a Classical Swine Fever (CSF) outbreak that has already affected approximately one third of Croatia’s pig farms.

“We have forbidden transport of pigs in the whole country, pig fairs, feeding them slops and keeping them in open spaces,” an agriculture ministry spokesman said.

He added that the spreading of the disease in Croatia could be called ‘worrying’. “Two weeks ago CSF was present in only two counties. It has since been reported in six counties out of 21.”


The measures do not apply to major pork producers who have already upgraded bio-security measures at their plants.

Since January 1st, nearly 1,000 pigs have been slaughtered on infected farms.

In 2006, a similar outbreak in the East of Croatia resulted in the slaughter of 11,000 pigs, causing losses of approximately €1.1 million.


Neighbouring Slovenia is alarmed as well about the outbreaks in Croatia – a debate is going on whether strong reactions are justified as the outbreak also has the potential of affecting the country’s pig production.

However, as Slovenia is an EU member, vaccination is not allowed.

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