More African Swine Fever in SE Russia

17-02-2010 | |

The Organization for Animal Health has reported another case of African Swine Fever in Russia, this time in the Krasnodar region, in the South East part of Russia.

The outbreak was discovered in the farm Krasnaya Zvezda, 2 km from the settlement Shevchenko, on February 3. In total 3,851 animals were involved. Among them 77 were infected, fell ill and died (2%); the rest (3,774) had to be culled.

The OIE report writes that there were 1,139 pigs in the 5-km-radius threatened area, which includes the village of Shevchenko. A slaughter of animals with subsequent industrial processing is carried out.

Threatened zone
The second threatened zone (100-km-radius) covers: Starominskiy, Kushchevskiy, Kanevskiy, Leningradskiy, Beloglinskiy, Pavlovskiy, Bryukhovetskiy, Vyselkovskiy, Tikhoretskiiy, Novopokrovskiy, Tbiliskiy (Caucasus region). In these districts, there are 98 farms with a total of 220,385 head.

The information was submitted this week by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Moscow. African Swine Fever has widely been reported in the south of Russia since last year. There is no vaccine for the disease.

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