Millions for livestock diseases in EU

10-11-2006 | |

Approximately €11.5 million will be available for fighting livestock diseases in Bulgaria and Romania next year.

The investment, aimed to be spent on research, control and disease extermination, is claimed to be essential for both animal and human health in both countries ánd the EU.
Usually, the European Commission only pays half of the costs. This is happening when dealing with e.g. salmonella in layer hens and AI.


The Brussels move can be called remarkable as the EU now pays all the costs for CSF vaccinating in Romania. The reason for that is to get a grip on the disease as quickly as possible and to prevent the large risk of contaminating the rest of the EU.
Romania will receive about €5.25 million, all that is needed for buying live vaccine. Bulgaria on the other hand will receive €425,000, which is only half of the costs.
Compulsory BSE tests in Romania (€2.37 million) should also be paid for, the Commission suggests.
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