Mild satisfaction on AGP alternatives

28-01-2008 | |

A large survey among Belgian and Dutch nutritionists has revealed that they are quite satisfied with the current AGP alternatives on the market, although they are still open for new concepts, states Impextraco’s newsletter.

The ban on growth promoters has driven the search and development of alternatives like yeast and yeast cell walls, organic acids, plant extracts, pro- and prebiotics, heat treated grains and combined products.

Combined products
Out of the other possible alternatives, combined products (organic acids combined with essential oils and plant extracts) are widely used. Some respondents claim to use a combination of several products and/or have adapted their feed formulation.

Room for improvement
In general, Belgian and Dutch nutritionists are satisfied with the products they are using. 50% of the respondents claimed to be satisfied, the other half stating that they are satisfied but there was still room for improvement in some cases.

“The effect of alternatives is less pronounced compared to the growth promoters used before the ban,” according to some respondents. Especially in poultry feed, it’s difficult to find viable alternatives in some cases. In sow feeding, the results are better compared to fattening pigs.

Most nutritionists admitted to have altered their feed formulation when using alternatives. They agree that it’s not enough to simply replace one product by another. In the post-AGP era, it’s all about concepts and solutions.

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