Microencapsulated food additives launched

14-08-2007 | |

Phytosynthese, a European producer of natural plant extracts, has launched a new kind of food additive range for animals.

For the creation of the range, the company has created new machine technology in France with the goal of significant results.

The machine allows the process of transforming any liquid (such as essential oils) into a fine powder. The technique is more efficient than fat coatings which allow active principles to migrate.

Micro particles
The components create micro particles in concentric spheres, generating a protective and waterproof structure. The active principles are well protected and concentrated within the structure but are easily released the in digestive system.

Phytosynthese, believes the range will allow development opportunities in pig breeding. The new range is marketed as ic@ps.

Another range for pig rearing
They have also developed micro encapsulated products for pig rearing. Digestive problems during weaning and post weaning remain major problems for farmers.

With the suppression of growth factors, gut flora is no longer controlled in current rearing conditions: different species of pathogens take over and cause digestive problems.

The objective of this product range is to regulate gut flora in accordance with the physiological state of the animal. The range:

• Eimeripig, for the post weaned piglet manages the problems linked to Protozoa and the presence of Colibacillosis

• Colienterocox, from weaning up to fattening, CEC is a polyvalent additive, acting on the main bacteria and allowing a decrease in medication

• Colifit, positioned for the second age is targeted more towards the management of E.coli and Lawsonia outbreaks.

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