Mexico trying to slow pork imports

07-12-2007 | |

Pork producers in Mexico are currently attempting to slow down imports of pork while the US Meat Export Federation is vowing to counteract their efforts.

Mexican producers claim that pork imports are destroying their industry due to lower wholesale prices for pork carcasses – which were 30% below the 2006 average at the beginning of 2007.

Tighten pork imports
In addition, they have convinced congress to enable a constitutional resolution restricting imports, tighten border inspections and reject pork that is 30 days past slaughter.

The USMEF is of the opinion that Mexican producers error in their judgement that pork imports are the cause of the lower prices. It claims that increased pig marketing was the real trigger.

In the near future, it will arrange more meetings with key members of the Mexican Congress and will also provide important economic information to its Mexican counterparts concerning the need to continue importing from the US.

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