Merial launches offer for Circovac PCV2 vaccine

22-04-2011 | |

Merial Animal Health has launched a cashback offer on its CircovacPCV2 vaccine. The offer represents a £10 discount for every 25 sow dose or 100 piglet dose pack of Circovac purchased by producers from their vet up to the end of July 2011.

Lynda Maris, Circovac brand manager said: “We know that these are tough times for everyone in the industry, and that every little helps. As Circovacis now licensed for piglets as well as sows, along with the cashback this means we can offer profitable PCV2 protection across the whole herd.”
Producers can obtain their cashback voucher when they purchase Circovacfrom their vet.  All they need to do is complete the voucher and return it together with proof of purchase to the freepost address provided and they will be directly sent a cheque for their cashback!
PCV2 (Porcine Circovirus Type 2) is widely acknowledged as being one of the greatest problems affecting the pig industry in recent years. Indeed it is estimated to cost up to £468 million per annum across Europe. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated a marked Return on Investment ratio for vaccinating against PCV2 of at least 2.1:1 for piglet vaccination and 4.4:1 for sow vaccination1
Circovacwas one of the first vaccines to market, and has been successfully used in sows since 2007. In January of 2011 it received a license for use in piglets as well.  Ricardo Neto, Merial’s Veterinary Advisor, said: “Studies have shown that using Circovac  to vaccinate sows remains the most cost-effective way of protecting the herd against PCV2. However, we recognise that there are circumstances in which piglet, or piglet and sow, vaccination is appropriate. Circovacnow offers the only ‘whole herd’ solution to PCV2, allowing producers and vets to vaccinate piglets, gilts and sows.”
For more information about using Circovac  producers should speak to their veterinary surgeon.
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