Meat talks between Europe and Russia unresolved

01-12-2006 | |

The standoff between Russia and Europe over agricultural exports remains unresolved.

Three days of talks in Moscow between European and Russian experts has not yielded a solution for the threat by the Russians to ban animal products as from January 1st.

Fear of inferior meat

This import ban is due to the fact that the Russians fear inferior quality meat, originating from Bulgaria or Romania to enter the country. This is why Russia requires more safety guarantee documents coming with the meat.

The Russians have already been banning Polish meat after it turned out meat documents had been forged.

However, European Commission experts asked for additional talks in Moscow, it was revealed in Brussels this Thursday.

Lift the ban

Last week already, Commission President José Manuel Barroso appealed to Russia to lift the year-long ban on imports of meat and other agri-products from Poland, pledging the Polish food system is safe.

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