Meat processors enter into an agreement

30-05-2008 | |

Haarslev A/S has announced that the company has entered into an agreement to merge with the Spanish company Tremesa S.A. The transaction was closed on 28 May, 2008.

Tremesa S.A. provides slaughterhouses and renderers with processing equipment for animal by-products, and Haarslev A/S has many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing processing equipment and systems for related industries which process meat products or convert animal raw material into finished products. The group has production facilities in Denmark, Spain, Brazil and Peru. The expected total turnover for the group in 2008 is almost €200 mln. The total number of employees is approx. 650 world-wide.

After the merger, Haarslev A/S and Tremesa S.A. will continue to operate as individual companies but both offering the full product programme from the two companies presenting the widest process and product range for the global meat and rendering industry. Both companies will ensure stable operations in their core markets and continue their close collaboration with customers.

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