Meat processors condemn pork smuggling from China

07-12-2006 | |

The rampant smuggling of pork from China into the Phillipines has been condemned by the the largest group of meat processors in the country, allegedly perpetrated by a Pampanga-based meat company.

The Philippine Association of Meat Processors, Inc. (PAMPI) asked the Department of Agriculture to conduct an impartial investigation on the smuggling from China of 62,000 kg’s of meat shipments, ending up in a warehouse in Pampanga province.

The agriculture department bans the importation of meat products from China, however, despite the ban, shipments of hot meat from China continue to flood the local market, threatening both the local pig industry and the meat-processing sector.

PAMPI said it condemns in the strongest terms possible this unlawful activity by people who want to earn fast bucks at the expense of local livestock industry, without considering the safety of the Filipino consumers.

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