Marketing selenium pork in US

17-10-2006 | |

Prairie Orchard Farms, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, received permission from the US Department of Agriculture to market pork as ‘an excellent source of selenium’.

Selenium is an antioxidant considered to be helping prevent cancers as well as Alzheimer’s disease.

Plant life in many parts of the world are deficient in selenium content.
The company plans to market its pork throughout the US, although Canadian authorities have not yet approved the selenium claim on packaging.
Each 4-oz. serving of Verdancia Farms-branded pork provides 50% of the USDA recommended daily intake of selenium and would provide about 60% of Canada’s recommended intake.
Earlier this year the company got permission to market its pork as high in Omega-3 fatty acids, an antioxidant thought to help prevent heart problems.
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