Maple Leaf’s hog demand remains steady

15-09-2008 | |

Hog deliveries to Maple Leaf Foods’ pork processing facility at Brandon, Manitoba appear unaffected by the recent listeria outbreak and consequential meat recalls.

“There has been no drop-off in demand for hogs from Maple Leaf’s Brandon facility and producers have not slowed deliveries because of the listeria situation,” said Perry Mohr, CEO for Manitoba Pork Marketing.

“Because Maple Leaf has so many brand names, there has been little drop-off in consumer demand for pork products from the company,” he said. “As long as demand from the plant remains constant, deliveries of hogs will also be maintained.”

Producers, at least in Manitoba, obviously remain concerned about the listeria outbreak, which prompted recalls of over 200 meat products across Canada, but remain committed to meeting contractual obligations with Maple Leaf, Mohr said.

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