Maple Leaf’s Elite Swine rebranded

24-10-2007 | |

Canadian Maple Leaf Foods has announced last week that it has rebranded its hog production company Elite Swine as Maple Leaf Agri-Farms.

This move is part of a reorganisation announced last year in which Maple Leaf indicated that it would reduce the number of hogs it produces and manages through assuming 100% ownership of fewer farms while at the same time “optimising the value” of each hog.

Modern pork production
Elite Swine has evolved in the last twenty years into Canada’s largest swine management company. Its success lies in its focus on a modern Canadian approach to pork production incorporating production efficiencies, private ownership and marketing opportunities associated with large-scale integrated hog production.

In a press release from Maple Leaf Foods, Maple Leaf Agri-Farms will be operated as an “independent operating company”.

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