Manitoba Cull Breeding Swine Program Update

01-07-2008 | |

Manitoba Pork Council reports hog operations with fewer than 300 head make up the majority of those signing up for the federal Cull Breeding Swine program.

In mid-April the federal government introduced a national swine herd reduction program to better balance supply and demand and help improve live hog prices.

The Cull Breeding Swine program offers 225 dollars per culled animal to producers who agree to de-populate breeding barns and leave them empty for three years.

Manitoba Pork Council producers services specialist Jeff Clark says uptake in Manitoba has been fairly light.“In Manitoba we’ve actually been kind of slow to pick it up compared to some of the other provinces.

“In total we have close to about 16 thousand animals that have been applied for, so that’s just over four percent of our provincial herd. Ontario picked it up by far the most with 45 thousand animals applied for and that’s close to 11 percent of their herd.”

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