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Danish Pig Producers (Danske Svineproducenter) has called for the dismissal of the management team and the board of directors at Danish Crown.

DPP head Torben Poulsen stated this at his own departure from the DPP. In his view, Danish pig producers are fed up with Danish Crown and the management team would have failed to turn things around for the best.

Good shape
“If we would like to get the company back in a good shape, and on the right track, I am convinced that we cannot escape changing the company’s management. The team just cannot deal with it now,” Poulsen said.

He was thinking of replacing the cooperative management by experienced professionals from international business. “The current board of directors has had the company in his hands for a long number of years and taken us where we are now.”

Low meat prices
Danish Crown pays a price for its meat that has been lower than international competition for a long number of years. Even in 2009 (see Pig prices EU in 2009: 8% price decrease) Danish prices were lowest. Average loss per finisher pig was about €8.

Danish producers nowadays switch to sow breeding and export piglets to Germany. Poulsen: “If this development continues we shall export more live pigs in three to four years’ time than we can process in Denmark.”

According to recent statistics, Danish sow breeders have exported approximately 7 million piglets in 2009. This was an 1.7 million increase in comparison to 2008.

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