Management essentials for pig farmers

13-03-2008 | |

Prices of corn are rising and subsequently, the cost of producing pork. Young pig farmers must address important issues before considering entering the industry. Colin Johnson, programme coordinator for the Iowa Pork Industry Center (IPIC) tells us more.

“My suggestion for someone starting out is find someone else to share the risk,” Johnson said. “Two possibilities involve partnering with an existing producer on ownership and management, and partnering with a pig supplier to produce on contract.” 

The price of corn and ethanol has become a key issue lately, leading to some tough economic choices, Johnson said.

Iowa as location
Johnson believes that Iowa will remain an economic and environmentally sustainable location to raise pigs. “Resources are abundant and a tremendous network of industry offerings to help producers and future producers make these decisions, “he said.

IPIC and its partners will host a conference on ‘Exploring Opportunities: A Conference for Aspiring Pork Producers’ conference on April 1. The agenda is available on the IPIC website.

“This conference will explore industry opportunities and where each individual fits into the picture,” Johnson said. “A lot of folks want to know ‘How do I make the transition from employee to partnership to ownership?’ Our presenters will help them understand that process.”

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