Malaysian states told to set up pig farm zones

30-08-2007 | |

Malaysian natural resources and environment minister Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid has said that state governments should speed up the process of allocating areas for pig farming.

He said a directive had already been issued to the states and although no deadline was imposed, the authorities should not wait forever to create them.

“We have told the state governments to ensure pig farming is conducted in a controlled and systematic environment to avoid pollution.”

Azmi was commenting on complaints by residents in Sungai Tuang in Masjid Tanah, Malacca, on pig rearing activities which they claimed had polluted the environment in the area.

“If the farmers refuse to relocate to enable a more efficient farming system, then we suggest that action be taken to close down the farms as this is the only way to prevent further pollution,” he said.

Irresponsible parties
Azmi also warned ‘irresponsible parties’ against using pig farming as a racial issue to gain support.

“No one has the right to turn environmental matters into racial issues. Political parties should not take advantage of an environmental crisis to gain support. If they want to help the people, then they should ensure that the environment is clean and there is no pollution,” Azmi said.

“We also do not want pig farming to be turned into a racial issue. That is not right, especially when diseases do not choose victims according to race and religion. It can hit anybody and everybody,” he said. 

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