Malaysian pig farmers ban beta agonist

13-02-2007 | |

All 656 pig farmers in Malaysia have agreed to sign a pledge not to use illegal substances, including beta-agonist, on their animals.

The pledge also includes nitofuran and chloramphenicol.

Health minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said the farmers were expected to sign the agreement within seven days – before the Chinese New Year, on February 18th.

Legal action

“Once the pledge is signed, it will be easier on our part as well as the authorities like the Veterinary Services Department to carry out legal action in case the law is flouted,” Chua said.

The move would also facilitate effective monitoring on the use of the banned growth boosters among the farmers.

People selling pork, however, do not have to sign the pledge, Chua said.


Chua also said the Customs Department had agreed in principle to enlist animal feed containing beta-agonist as Customs prohibited goods.

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