Malaysian Pig farmers advised to cut production

15-07-2008 | |

Pig farmers should cut their production by 25% to 30% and reduce the number of sows in their farms for breeding, according to the Federation of Livestock Farmers Association pig unit head Beh Kim Hee following the rising global price of maize and feed and the Indian Government’s decision to ban the export of maize.

Beh said although farmers had raised the ex-farm price of pigs from RM 5.60 per kg to RM 7.10 in the past two months, it was still not enough to sustain the high cost of production.

“Some farmers are selling off their pigs at cheaper prices because they need cash to buy the various feed ingredients which are more costly now”. The price of maize has risen from RM 1,050 per metric tonne to RM 1,500 early this month.

Soya bean meal, which comprises 20% of the feed, costs RM 2,100 per metric tonne now compared to RM 900 a year ago while wheat prices had tripled to RM 900 within a year.

“Now with India’s decision, it may lead to a situation where even with money, we will not be able to buy the maize as it would not arrive in time,” he said.

According to Beh, imported maize from the United States and Argentina would take two months to arrive leaving pig farmers facing the prospect of not having any supply of maize for the next few weeks.

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