Malaysian pig breeders fail to reduce numbers

04-10-2007 | |

It is expected that pig breeders in some parts of the Malaysian state of Malacca will fail to reduce the swine population by October 4 from 140,000 to 48,000.

In Paya Mengkuang, Bukit Beruang and Man Lok near Masjid Tanah, only 34,022 had been removed between September 4 and 30 according to the deputy federal territories minister, Datuk Wird Abu Seman Yuson.

He stated further that the Malacca government had granted one-month’s grace to the breeders in order to move the pigs out of the state, but that the MCA leaders did not appear to be committed to encouraging the breeders to honour their side of the agreement.

“On two occasions, the breeders, MCA elected reps and executive council members were absent from the meeting with an invalid excuse – that they were busy at meetings.”

Pig farm closures
From today, only 48,000 pigs can be bred in Paya Mengkuang. Farms in Bukit Beruang and Man Lok are to be closed.

Abu Seman emphasised that “the breeders must adhere to the decision agreed upon. Otherwise the government will take action. The government must be strict in this matter as excessive breeding is causing serious environmental pollution.”

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