Malaysia: ministry monitors beta agonist use

05-01-2009 | |
Malaysia: ministry monitors beta agonist use

The Malaysian Health Ministry will meet representatives of pig farmers, butchers and the Federation of Livestock Farmers Associations Malaysia to remind them of the pledge they signed in 2007 to not use beta agonist.

Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said of the 382 samples of pork tested by the ministry last year three were tested positive. Two of the samples came from Pahang and one from Negri Sembilan. Liow said the ministry was concerned over the abuse of beta agonist in pork and would monitor the situation.

β€œThe veterinary services department will check on live pigs and the ministry will check on pork,” he said after attending the MCA presidential council meeting. It was earlier reported that the veterinary services department had expanded its monitoring of the use of beta agonist in pigs to abattoirs.

The department said 10 farms – five in Malacca, three in Selangor and one each in Perak and Penang – were being quarantined for using the banned growth booster.

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