Lucta to sponsor main pig event

23-12-2008 | |

Lucta has become Main Sponsor of the 11th International Symposium on the Digestive Physiology of the Pig, to be held at Montbrió del Camp (Tarragona, Spain) from 20th – 22nd May, 2009.

As in the previous meetings, the program will focus on the digestive tract of the pig, emphasizing physiology, immunology and microbiology, reviewing the latest advances in the field of digestive physiology of pigs. On Tuesday 19th May 2009, Lucta will hold a Presymposium Workshop under the title “Physiological basis of voluntary feed intake in swine. Pre and post-absorptive regulation”.

The workshop will be a half-day seminar offering an update on feed intake regulation in pigs by some of the global experts on the subject. The Workshop’s program will include disciplines such as peripheral sensing, gut-borne intermediary messengers or central mechanisms orchestrating voluntary feed intake.

The interested persons may contact Mrs. Marlen Castro at Lucta SA, or directly to the Symposium for more information.

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