Lucky babe on the beach

28-11-2007 | |
Lucky babe on the beach

An eight year old tame wild boar called ‘Babe’ is leading a luxury life on a private island in the Bahamas.

Babe lives together with the island’s two inhabitants – Luke Abbott and his partner Mona Wiethuchter.

At night, he returns to his fellow boars in the bush, but by day, he lives the life of a beach babe – swimming, eating hot dogs and drinking beer.

“We succeeded in taming babe when he was just one day old. Since then, he has been hand fed by us,” said Mr Abbott.

The couple keep an eye on Babe’s weight. Two years ago, he was subjected to a jogging routine up and down the beach as he was carrying excess weight.

His daily routine begins with a hot dog, then a nice swim in the sea, afterwards a snooze on the beach followed by a nice brush down of his coat.

What a privileged life!

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