Looking for cheaper food? Eat pork!

24-10-2006 | |

Food in Canada has become more expensive in 2006, with one major exception: pork. Fresh or frozen pork prices declined by 2.5%.

Figures by Statistics Canada tell that pork (and other meat) prices went down despite a general 2.8% food price increase compared to September 2005.
The 2.8% rise is well above the broader 0.9% inflation rate. Pork however continued its two-year decline.
Prior to June, 2005, pork prices rose as a low-carb diet sent demand for bacon and ham soaring. As the popularity of that diet subsided, demand dwindled and prices began to fall.
Another reason for weakness in pork prices lies in the US, since that country has increased production, so consequently Canada is exporting less, driving supply up and prices down.
The most expensive foods in Canada last year were apples (up 19.4%), tomatoes (up 16.1%) or lettuce (up 32.4%).
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