Lidl withdraws bean and sausage cans

20-09-2006 | |

Supermarket chain Lidl is withdrawing a series of canned baked beans with pork sausages in tomato sauce.

The announcement comes after the British Food Standards Agency warned people to avoid a certain batch of so-called Sunnyglade cans. An error in the processing of the product meant that the contents of some of the cans were undercooked. As a consequence, there is the potential for these to cause food poisoning, including botulism.
The product, offered in can sizes of 420 grams and being best before July 2008, is sold only in Lidl stores across the UK. No other batches are understood to be affected.
A refund is given to customers who return the product. The Lidl supermarkets placed adverts in the national media last Sunday.