Latest issue: Pig Progress sees sows elevated

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Latest issue: Pig Progress sees sows elevated

In the latest edition of Pig Progress you will discover why some farms choose to lift sows up high. Read all about it in the digital magazine.

Pig Progress travelled to Gronau, Germany, to learn about the concept of balance floors. The idea has been around for several years now, but it’s gaining more ground in Europe as a means to protect piglets from being crushed in the farrowing crates. And it works. How? Flick to page 19 and learn all about it.

In addition, you can watch this video we made of how the balance floors work.

Innovation in animal nutrition

Pig Progress also showed up in Cedar Rapids, IA, to interview the CEO of one of the more innovative companies in animal nutrition – Jeff Cannon of Diamond V. He explains how it is possible to feed the world in 2050 – and is proud to talk about the movie The Ivy League Farmer which revolves all around agriculture in 2015, as from page 10.


Interview: “We help animals do more with less”

More nutrition-related information you can find in a report how to best include DDGS in swine feed, as from page 20.

Australia and microalgae in pig farm wastewater

More interested in a story from Down Under? Murdoch University’s Jeremy Ayre and Navid Reza Mohelmani explain in detail how microalgae might be able to play a role in converting pig farm wastewater into a valuable resource, as from page 6.


Treating piggery waste with microalgae

Pig Progress also offers a look into Belarus’ market situation now African Swine Fever has affected its production; and of course there are columns can be read by John Gadd and Dr Casey Bradley.

Read the digital magazine here.

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