Latest European view on antibiotics – launch of dose calculator

31-05-2011 | |
Latest European view on antibiotics – launch of dose calculator

Following the latest European Parliament’s view on the use of antibiotics in livestock and poultry, animal health company Huvepharma has launched a ‘Dose Calculator’. This will allow veterinarians to more precisely measure the correct dose of antibiotics when applying these to pigs or poultry.

On May 12, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the use of antibiotics in livestock. In this document, the Parliament “emphasises that the ultimate objective is to maintain antimicrobials as an effective tool to combat disease, both in animals and in humans, while keeping the use of antimicrobials to the strict necessary.”
Prudent and responsible use
In addition, the European Parliament “calls for a prudent and responsible use of antimicrobials in animals and for more information to veterinarians and farmers to minimise the development of anti-microbial resistance; calls for the exchange of best practices such as the acceptance of guidelines on the prudent use of antimicrobials as important tools to combat the development of antimicrobial resistance.”
The Parliament directed itself to all stakeholders to acknowledge their responsibility for preventing both the development and the spread of antimicrobial resistance, “each in their own area of activity such as veterinary medicine and animal husbandry.”
The adopted resolution repeatedly pointed to the impact of inadequate dosing and inappropriate use of antimicrobials in both humans and animal on the selection of antimicrobials resistance – this is where Huvepharma, headquartered in Bulgaria and Belgium, is focusing on.
The company’s dose calculator was developed to assure the right dose expressed in mg/kg body weight and for the right indication and correct registered usage period. This antibiotic dose calculator is available for the and certified veterinary surgeon responsible for farmers and livestock under his guidance and this for poultry and pig applications.
It was designed to calculate always the correct dose and is applicable for every medicated premix, water soluble veterinary product, in pig or poultry production, regardless of product concentration and it will be available in any part of the world.
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