Land O’Lakes Purina Feed: Healthy Edge technology for sows

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Land O’Lakes Purina Feed introduced Healthy Edge Technology for sows at the World Pork Expo, in Des Moines, IA.

Supported by multiple research studies at the LongView Animal Nutrition Center, universities and field trials, this new proprietary feed additive can help swine producers optimise sow efficiency, colostrum quality and piglet growth.

Beyond such traditional performance metrics as number of pigs per sow per year, sow producers also value piglet size and weight at weaning, short return to oestrus, sow and young pig health and minimum death loss. The technology can help deliver upon all of these key sow producer needs.

Feeding properly
“Sows that are expected to produce 30 pigs per sow per year must be fed properly,” said Elena Lindemann, livestock marketing director with Land O’Lakes Purina Feed. She continued saying that the technology “supports intake during lactation and helps secure sufficient nutrients to support newborn litters. Our research shows that sows fed the new technology produced not only larger litters, but also heavier pigs within these litters. Healthy Edge technology delivers up to 1.7 more full potential pigs – those weighing 8 or more pounds (3.6 kg) at weaning – per sow per year.”

Research studies conducted at five sites during different seasons and with various herd genetics showed highly repeatable results. The technology has delivered productivity benefits in pigs without compromising the sows’ condition or rebreeding performance.

In addition to the piglet performance improvement, researchers tested the composition of colostrum produced by sows.

Intestinal integrity
“Data supports intestinal integrity and immune health of young pigs,” notes Brenda de Rodas, director of swine research with Land O’Lakes Purina Feed. In fact, sows supplemented with Healthy Edge technology produced colostrum with 86% more immunoglobulins and 16% more protein than the control group fed non-supplemented rations.

Lindemann said, “It is a breakthrough technology that has demonstrated benefits with different genetics, parity structures, climates and dietary conditions, and comes in a low-inclusion rate additive for maximum flexibility in diets.”

Feeding to 30
The launch fits in Land O’Lakes Purina Feed’s programme of Feeding for 30, an initiative to help producers achieve 30 piglets per sow per year. At World Pork Expo, the company held a well-visited panel discussion around this topic, where the importance of a heavy birthweight was emphasised.

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