Korea turns to pig waste for power

14-03-2007 | |

Following countries as Denmark and Germany, South Korea is building a power plant that turns animal waste into electricity.

The initiative comes as a part of the capital of Seoul’s plan to develop eco-friendly energy.

The plant is capable of burning about 20 tonnes of animal excrement a day generated by some 2,500 pigs to produce 30 kilowatts (kW) of electricity. This, in turn, is enough to power about 100 households.


The energy ministry said it will cap any harmful emissions from the plant, located South East of Seoul. It will serve as a model to generate power from the 51 million tonnes of animal waste produced in South Korea every year.

It is assumed that on a national scale, the country could eventually create the energy equivalent of 360,000 tonnes of oil a year from using animal waste.

More power plants

An energy ministry official announced that the government plans to build three more cogeneration power plants of this type this year – and maybe even up to 20 new facilities by 2008.

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