Kistock’s 7th edition – bigger, better and “greener”

09-08-2011 | |

Korea International Livestock Expo, will be hosted at Daegu Exco, Daegu City, 230 km southeast of Seoul, from 21-24 September.

It will be themed “Eco-systems in livestock, green hope for the future,” following a recent ban on dumping manure in the ocean.
The exhibition will showcase the latest clean technology for livestock production as well as new trends in animal welfare.
It will also display equipment, veterinary medicines, vaccines, breeding technology, sanitary measures, biosecurity and more. Well-known international companies such as Muyang and Big Dutchman as well as top-tier Korean companies have confirmed that they will attend.
Kim Dong-Jin, Kistock’s project manager, said he expects more than 700 zoned booths and more than 15,000 visitors. The 15,000-sq-m hall will be able to accommodate the entire show under one roof.
Daegu City is a major destination with an international airport and a convenient location with many services. KOTRA Exhibition Center in Daejeon, which hosted previous Kistock shows, is currently under renovation.
Free trade agreements recently signed by South Korea are another factor drawing more international visitors and exhibitors. There will be national pavilions, including a China Pavillion.
Kistock is organised jointly by various Korean livestock associations namely the Korea Poultry Association, Hanwoo Association, Korea Swine Association, Korea Dairy and Beef Farmers Association, Korea Association for Livestock Housing and Environmental Machinery. For this edition, the main organizer is the Korea Poultry Association.
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