Kiotechagil takes action to support bactacid growth

02-06-2010 | |

Kiotechagil, the international supplier of natural high performance feed additives, has seen a significant increase in sales of its acid promoting Bactacid product in new markets where there are large pig populations.

The growth in business has prompted the company to launch new information and a new brochure for the product.
“With new customers especially across Asia and South America and increased availability of Bactacid in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Brazil it is vitally important we clearly explain the characteristics and past trial results of the product to our market,” said Mike Rogers business development director at Kiotechagil.
Successful in breeding sows
Bactacid aims to control enteropathogens both in feed and throughout the intestinal tract. In feed it reduces the risk of infectious scours from contaminated raw materials or finished feed, while in the stomach it helps to acidify and improve gastric secretion and promote better protein utilisation and nutrient retention.© Bactacid has proved to be particularly successful in breeding sows where it reduces the bacterial load of the sow’s dung which can otherwise contaminate the farrowing pen and infect suckling pigs.
“Trials with Bactacid show that as it lowers the pH in the intestine and consequently slows the growth rate of potential pathogens consequently making their colonisation much more difficult.© It also increases the growth rate, reduces mortality and lowers the number of days to achieve slaughter weight,” said Mike Rogers©©

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