Kiotech International’s new Omega line

08-08-2011 | |

A new production line which will improve efficiency, enable improved product formulation and reduce lead times has been introduced at the company’s Manton Wood plant, UK.

The new line, which has the potential to almost double output when fully operational, is the result of around £500k of investment. Currently the new line is producing omegas but has the ability to switch to produce acids as well.
“This is a significant step forward for us,” says Kiotech International’s chief executive David Bullen.  “It will help us meet increasing consumer demand for omegas where research continues to show the advantages and benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids in improving performance in many species.”
“The new line incorporates the most modern technology which not only helps us increase our operating capacity and improve efficiencies but importantly allows us to be more innovative with formulations and help satisfy customer demand for better and better value products.”
Source: Kiotech