Kick off meeting European piglet feed campaign of Nuscience

17-05-2012 | |

Nuscience organised their first ‘Piglet feed deluxe event’ on Thursday May 10, close to Bruges, Belgium.

Nutritionists of key feed mills were invited for a seminar on ‘Taste’ in relation with the optimal feeding of piglets. The event was the kick off for a European campaign to promote the company’s piglet feed product range.

The company is specialised in the feeding of young animals. Products like Babito, Babimel, Safina and Crespina are balanced for feeding piglets.

The piglet feed campaign was launched in Belgium and the Netherlands in April and will be rolled out throughout Europe in the coming months.

Part of the campaign is the ‘Piglet feed deluxe event’ where key nutritionists and pig farmers are invited to experience the importance of flavours for the optimal nutrition of piglets.

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