Kemira incorporates Sustainable Nutrition

13-03-2007 | |

Finnish manufacturer and supplier of fertilizers Kemira has incorporated Dutch Sustainable Nutrition as from March 1, 2007.

The process is the result of the acquisition of Sustainable Nutrition by Kemira. The acquisition is meant to emphasise commitment to the feed industry and the interest in focusing on customer needs by offering solutions to improve animal safety and performance.

During the last years, both companies have been working together intensively in the feed market with Sustainable Nutrition being the marketing, sales and R&D support partner for Kemira.


Founders of Sustainable, Bart van Schaijk and Henk Schreurs have joined Kemira, just like all other personnel.

In 2006, Kemira recorded revenue of around €2.5 billion and had a payroll of 9,000 employees, operating in 40 countries.

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