Kemin introduces MicroPEARLS Brand Technology

28-05-2010 | |

Kemin acquired an Italian manufacturer of encapsulation technology earlier this year – expanding the company’s offerings to include four functional methodologies of encapsulation.

MicroPEARLS technology, a proprietary method, utilises aspects of controlled but rapid solidification of the product embedded within a custom designed matrix of fatty acids. This unique method allows for greater product functionality than what can be achieved with simple spray cooling methods.
MicroPEARLS® Ruminant Applications
MicroPEARLS® technology provides an effective method for rumen bypass and intestinal release of key nutrients where they can be absorbed more efficiently.© This technology allows products like LysiPEARL™, MetiPEARL™, and CholiPEARL™ to deliver the core materials of lysine, methionine and choline with a high rate of rumen bypass and intestinal release.©©©
MicroPEARLS® Monogastric Applications
MicroPEARLS® technology provides an effective extended release pattern in the intestine of the monogastric.© This allows for products like AciPEARL™, a source of acids and nutritional ingredients, to deliver the core material throughout the intestinal tract, effectively increasing the enzyme activity during late stages of finishing pigs.
Additionally, MicroPEARLS technology provides protection for hard to handle active ingredients.© With this technology, ButiPEARL™ delivers butyrate throughout the intestinal tract, assisting in nutrient absorption without the odor of butyric acid.
Additional Encapsulation Technologies
Other Kemin encapsulation technologies include:© fluid bed, pan coating and coacervation.©
RepaXOL™, a unique blend of highly concentrated essential oils, utilises coacervation to provide a targeted release of essential oils in the gastrointestinal tract.©
FormaXOL™, a coated source of formic acid with citric acid and encapsulated essential oils, utilizes a unique fluid bed protection process to provide a very high concentration of these essential nutrients in one powerful microgranule.
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