Kazakhstan government invests in large pig complex

23-09-2011 | |

In the West Kazakhstan region construction has begun of a government complex for pork production.

The Kazakh government recently adopted a policy on the development of the country’s livestock industry. Apart from a pork complex, the project also involves the construction of poultry farm a short distance away. According to official data total investment costs of the project are estimated to 3.8 billion tenge (US$ 25.7 million), which is an unprecedented amount for the livestock industry in Kazakhstan.

The new pig complex will be the most modern one in Kazakhstan, with a fully automatic production cycle. As it has been stated by the representatives of the construction company, the government indicated a wish for only the most innovative technology and the advanced international experience in manufacturing. The production will be fully automated all its parameters will be set by computers: Diet feeding, room temperatures, territory cleaning process and air-conditioning.

Second project
This is the second large-scale pork producing project initiated by the government. Another complex with an output capacity of 12,000 hogs/ year, also located in West Kazakhstan Region, will be put into operation by the end 2011.

Valery Kadraliev, representative of the ministry of agriculture for the region, was quoted to say: “The pork producing industry has recently undergone a substantial decline in Ural region, with a result that the region’s authorities have to buy over 21,000 tons of pork per year, so the necessity of a construction of the new complex has been imminent for quite a long time.” (by Vladislav Vorotnikov)

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