Kampala gets first class pork

04-08-2006 | |

Pork comsumers in the Ugandan capital of Kampala can be looking forward to more quality food, since the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) are now targeting the city’s pork market.

Before the agriculture committee of Parliament, NAADS executive director Silim Nahday said his services were directing efforts into providing ‘first-class’ quality pork for the capital’s market.

Nahday said farmers are currently advised on how to keep their pork free of disease and how to ensure that there is always plenty of pork in the city.

“Kampala eats a lot of pigs. We are working with some one with a chain of abattoirs, who is putting up a cold chain of stores. He will work with farmers of pigs and goats, to provide a market for their produce and ensure that first class quality pork does not run out. That is our emphasis this financial year.”

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