K-State proposes DDGS for swine feed

22-11-2007 | |

Recent lower prices for dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) may warrant a second look by swine producers.

The above suggestion has been made by Mike Tokach, swine specialist with Kansas State Research and Extension Department.

“The high cost of DDGS in comparison to corn and negative responses in growth performance have prevented us from using DDGS in the past,” said Tokach. However, other studies have shown positive growth similar to that of a corn-soybean diet.

In many parts of the US, DDGS prices have dropped recently due to increases in ethanol production, while corn and soybean meal prices have risen.

Carcass softens
As DDGS levels increase in a pig’s diet, carcass fat softens and carcass yield declines. Producers are advised to note this at the packaging stage.

Kansas State Research and Extension can be contacted by producers to assist with adding DDGS to swine diets.

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