JSR sign contract as part of UK China Business Summit

19-11-2010 | |

JSR Genetics, a UK-based international pig genetics company, has signed a milestone contract for 1,100 animals with the GuangzhouAnimal Husbandry Company in Beijing.

The order for JSR Genepacker GGP gilts and a selection of JSR Geneconverter GGP boars, to create a high health status Nucleus herd in Guangzhou is the result of a concerted initiative by JSR to accelerate growth into the expanding Asian market. Shipment of the animals is due to take place early in 2011.

International Sales Director Paul Anderson explains, “We have identified Asia as a major target for JSR and have already succeeded in establishing thriving nucleus herds in Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Now, we are working hard to realise opportunities and develop our presence in both China and Taiwan, working with UK Trade and investment support, which has been hugely beneficial.”
Also present at the signing ceremony was Mr Li Shenghong, President of the Hubei Provincial Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Group, to officially ratify a contact completed in April. Their import of JSR Genepacker GGP gilts and JSR Geneconverter GGP boars has created the 900 sow nucleus herd, known as Hubei Liangyou JSR Breeding Limited.
JSR Chairman, Tim Rymer comments: “We are delighted to be signing two such important contracts in Beijing and especially proud to bring two major Chinese pork producers together in such a prestigious setting.   To be doing so at a time when Beijing is the focus of attention for UK and Chinese business growth is especially rewarding. Our presence here this week puts UK genetics in the spotlight, reaffirms the international standing of JSR and flies the flag for UK industry.”
Vince Cable, UK Business Secretary, one of several cabinet ministers accompanying David Cameron, commended JSR’s success: “I am pleased to see more and more companies capitalising on the opportunities offered by China’s development. I hope that this week’s visit will serve to open doors for more UK firms. I wish JSR every success in their future business.” 
International Trade Advisor, Stephan Stahl and his Chinese colleagues have been helping JSR to create opportunities in China: “JSR’s success in signing two major contracts is very gratifying. I and my colleagues have worked closely with Paul to promote JSR in China providing introductions, opportunities, local knowledge and insight. This investment in UK genetics is an excellent outcome for British enterprise.”
A rigorous scientific approach to genetics and technical support was a deciding factor for both Chinese producers. Mr Wen Wei Long of the GuangzhouAnimal Husbandry Company confirms, “We researched genetics from around the world – USA, Canada, Denmark specifically – and I and several colleagues made two visits to the UK. We were satisfied that JSR can not only provide world class genetics but the on-going technological support we need to fully realise the potential of our investment here in Guangzhou. We believe the genetics from the Geneconverter boars selected will improve our feed efficiency and carcase yield. Our management and production teams will also undertake three months specialist training with JSR in the UK. This will enable us to optimize both performance and production, helping us to fulfill our aim of providing the quality pork that the Chinese market demands.”
For more information on JSR go to www.jsr.co.uk