JSR pig genetics enters Bulgaria

15-12-2008 | |

International pig genetics company, JSR, has taken further steps into Eastern Europe by setting up a new distributor in Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia.

JSR Genetics has an extensive network of partnerships and franchises in all major pig production regions of the world. Their latest partnership is with the Bulgarian Meat Company AD and will be known as JSR BMK AD.

Paul Anderson is European Sales Director for JSR Genetics: “I have been working towards such a partnership for a few years and am delighted that we now have a distributor in Bulgaria and the surrounding areas. The president of JSR BMK AD is George Todorov – a man with many years experience in the Eastern European pig market.

“We have recently hosted three Bulgarian pig farmers, accompanied by George Todorov, at the JSR Franchise, L.A Top Genetics, in Cyprus – who have a Nucleus and Multiplication farm of nearly 900 sows and work alongside sister company L.A Semen Delivery Service who have a 90 place EU approved boar stud.©

Breeding stock
“The purpose of the visit was to see our breeding stock. The Bulgarian producers were very impressed with what they saw and backed this up by placing a first order of 200 Genepacker 150 parent gilts and five boars – consisting of the Geneconverter 500, 600 and 700. The carcase yields and low backfats of the Geneconverter 600 were praised.©

“Importing breeding stock from the JSR nucleus and multiplication herds and semen from the stud in Cyprus will improve pig production and feed efficiency in the region, enhance carcase yield and create superior eating quality pork for the extensive range of both fresh and processed pork products available to local consumers”.

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