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The UK pig industry is witnessing a renewed resurgence in the south of the UK, according to JSR’s latest employee Len Phoenix.

Phoenix, who started working for JSR in May, takes on the job of UK Key Account Manager for the South and is happy to be back at the sharp end of pig production.

Phoenix believes the South of England is a large, vibrant area for the industry. “The UK pig industry is resilient and is returning to where it was 10 or 15 years ago. The demand for better quality meat is growing all the time and thankfully supermarkets on the whole are supporting UK pork.

“Demand in the South East for outdoor gilts is at its highest for many years. Much of the region is dry and sandy – perfect for high performing outdoor herds and creating a huge demand for the JSR GP 120.”

The relationship between breeding companies and producers has progressively changed over the last 10 years, as Phoenix explains “It’s important to provide not just genetics and stock but also the management services, the training, the technical advice and backup as well as the herd recording and replacement programmes. In the past it was common place for breeders to supply just stock only. The backup provided by JSR is essential to ensure the product is reaching its potential. I get enormous satisfaction from seeing that potential realised.

“The key word I am hearing on farm is efficiency. UK producers have withstood some very tough times, have showed how resourceful they are and continue to produce the best quality meat in Europe, if not the world. JSR’s renewed focus in the south will I am confident help ensure our farmers continue to thrive.”

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